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SW&G, we are not a sports book, we do not take wagers or set odds. We are not a handicapping service, we do not find point spreads for you to bet. We are not a tout service, we don’t sell other people's sports betting advice. SW&G is an investment service that deals in daily legal sports money line wagers SW&G is an alternate investment.
   SW&G is an alternate investment service that deals in daily legal sports money lines. SW&G Inc uses statistical analysis to capture low-risk money line odds in sporting events that have less than a 2% chance of implied probability to lose in combination with our own proprietary statistical formulas for winning. Consumers can invest seasonally using a sports sector based investment such as; NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football and NFL.  


SW&G Inc has a proprietary money line formula and a proven success rate of finding low risk money line events that produce 12% to 28% return on investment daily. The only difference between investing in the stock market and SW&G alternative investing is time horizons. All sporting events are a time-based event that has a set end time or date where you find out whether you’ve won or lost. However, if you’re day trading, swing trading, or simply buying and holding your investments the investing can continue indefinitely in some cases (until you cash out). Most importantly, in the stock market, you win or lose money on paper as per your investment, in essence no money is made or lost until you cash in. At SW&G you cash out daily.


2021-2022 NCAAB Investment Fund. (Now Closed)

All Investors started with (one-time) $500 deposit

The 2021-2022 Invemnet fund was:

November 9, 2021 - February 26, 2022,

a total of 108 days

Average number of wagers per day was 4.3

465 $50 wagers were placed for a total of $23,250 wagered

Average amount won per wager was $8.95

Average Money line was -1070

7-money line wagers lost = -$250

6-wagers were place on “Plus” (+) point Money lines

ALL WON. The 6-wagers made $2,157

13-days had NO WAGERS placed 

The customer cost to participate in the investment program was $9.99 per week. The total customer cost was 16-weeks = $159.84

The NCAAB fund accrued

$4,167.00 (rounded).

Learn more about our Director

Jimmy Steward, Director, Sports Wagering & Gaming.

It truly is an amazing time. Who would've thought that understanding statistics and probability formulas would lead to a career in the legalized sports wagering industry. I’m proud to tell people that I analyze sports wagering data. 


Jimmy is the current Director and Statistical Research Analyst of Sports Wagering & Gaming. The business has been in existence since 2014. Jimmy uses his love of statistics to build mathematical models that measure and predict outcomes in Horse Racing and Sports Betting. Since 2018 Jimmy has used various statistical models to measure point differential between teams in sporting events. Jimmy has a diverse employment background and education. Jimmy has always had a strong interest in statistics. He was the Senior Statistician for Brand and Market Services, located in Cincinnati. Market Services is a sub-division of Packaging Corporation of America and Tenneco. He served six years as Assistant Professor of Institutional Research measuring the effectiveness of foreign language programs at DLIFLC in Monterey, California. At the height of the methamphetamine crisis in the early 1990’s he was Director of Human Intelligence and Profiling for P&S Consulting where he worked with over 45 Sheriff's Departments Drug Task Forces and The Drug Enforcement Agency to track drug dealers through time and space using social network analysis. Jimmy was also a Management Report Analyst for Indiana University measuring institutional effectiveness. Jimmy has published numerous papers and has presented white papers on social network analysis showing the benefits of tracking terrorist cells and people caught up in the drug trade. Lastly, he is proud to have served his country for 21-years in the United States Military both as Enlisted and Officer.

Asst. Professor, Institutional Research

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, Monterey CA


Senior Statistician, Brand & Marketing,

Packaging Corporation of America. Cincinnati, OH.


Analyst, Institutional Research 

Indiana University – Bloomington, IN


Director, Human Intelligence (HUMIT) Profiling

PS Consulting Inc., Terre Haute, IN


Masters of Science; Criminology

Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN


Bachelor of Science; Psychology

Peru State College, Peru, NE


Medical Service Officer

Captain, U.S. Army Reserve, Retired