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I have a diverse background that many people would not associate with a owner of a legalized sports betting business. Yes, I am a entrepreneur and love horse racing but I'm also a public speaker within the Springfield & Dayton area. I'm a victims advocate for women that survive domestic violence (many don't), I'm also an advocate for single / divorced women with childern that live in poverty.


In the sports gambling culture I believe sportsbooks have largely overlooked women. While women make up almost half of the U.S. sports fans, they represent less than one-third of sports bettors - why is that?. I want to inspire a change in the sports betting culture. I want to make sports betting information and resources more accessible to women and offer services that make it more inviting to women. Over time, the presence of women in the workplace has increased, however, the number of women in positions of power, especially in Wall Street, is extremely low. In fact, women held only 1% of CEO positions in New York’s Financial District. Ladies welcome to the New Wall Street - It's called Sports Betting!

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Jimmy uses his love of statistics to build mathematical models that measure and predict outcomes in horse racing. Since 2014 Jimmy has used various statistical models to measure point differential between teams in sporting events. Jimmy has a diverse employment background and education. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from Peru State College Nebraska. He also has a Masters of Science Degree in Criminology from Indiana State University. Jimmy has always had a strong interest in statistics. He was the Senior Statistician for Brand and Market Services, located in Cincinnati. Market Services is a sub-division of Packaging Corporation of America and Tenneco. He served six years as Assistant Professor of Institutional Research measuring the effectiveness of foreign language programs at DLIFLC in Monterey, California. At the height of the methamphetamine crisis in the early 1990’s he was Director of Human Intelligence and Profiling for P&S Consulting where he worked with over 45 Sheriff's Departments Drug Task Forces and The Drug Enforcement Agency to track drug dealers through time and space using social network analysis. Jimmy was also a Management Report Analyst for Indiana University in Bloomington measuring institutional effectiveness. Jimmy has published papers and has presented white papers on social network analysis showing the benefits of tracking terrorist cells and people caught up in the drug trade. Lastly, he is proud to have served his country for 21-years in the United States Army Reserves both as Enlisted and as a Medical Service Corps Officer

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Client SWO

another amazing day at the track in Tampa downs with Jim and Beth. 5 out 6 race winners. If your not getting their horse reports you don't like money. Thank you so much. Amazing day



MLB Analyst


Thomas Foerstel

West Coast Analyst

Tommy is all West Coast. Horse Racing "Santa Anita & Del Mar. MLB Dodgers and all things UCLA.

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