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SW&G is not a sportsbook and we do not take wagers on sporting events

You can schedule a meeting with SW&G analytics staff anytime from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST Monday - Friday. You can either meet a SW&G investment counselor in person, via online zoom chat / facetime or by phone. Our pamphlets and information will be readily available on the SW&G website as well as breakdowns of prior and present returns. 


The maximum a person should start investmenting with is $9,000. This is due to State and Federal tax laws on WG-2 gambling wager earnings and Capital Gains tax laws on investments. The minimum a person needs to deposit in an online sports book is $300.00.


There are no restrictions or penalties incurred to close your account at any time. 


Who can invest? How to invest? How much is needed to Invest? A person must begin the SW&G investment account with a minimum of $300.


While we propose that SW&G Investments is for everyone, there are limitations. State & Federal laws prohibit anyone from placing a wager under 21.  Please note: SW&G is not involved in placing wagers. SW&G prefers all clients be 21 or over to have an investment account /Sportsbook Account. So what makes SW&G different then anyone just going online or to a casino and wagering on sports? SW&G clients are not allowing us to gamble with their money. Investing with SW&G is more like using a Stock Broker. SW&G, like Stock Brokers, manage the clients investments, portfolio and money. SW&G analysts know the best wager for the money. SW&G builds a clients portfolio of winning wagers and controls the risks of wagering. The bottomline is, SW&G uses their analytics team to track safe and secure money line investment opportunities that turn small amounts of capital into safe returns on investment. 

Our analyst selects various money line wagers that equate to 12-20% return DAILY. All money line wagers are backchecked to be safe and secure and have less than a 2% chance of losing. Next we calculate the amount of money needed or required to make 12% to 20% return on investment. Secondly, we assess the risk of the IRS classifying the single wager as a potential WG-2 form. Thirdly, our SW&G analysts assign (EMAIL) money line offerings to your account. The SW&G analyst’s have calculated the wagers and potential returns for the day. This process is repeated daily there can be between 0 to 20 wagers per day depending on the clients amount of funds in their sportsbook.


All The best  - Jimmy Steward

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