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Sports Database and Ranking Websites


/r/CFB Poll

Weekly top 25 poll voted on and published by members of /r/CFB, the home of college football on Reddit.

2021 College Football

UCLA Student run program of College sports team rankings of all NCAA and NAIA Teams 

2021-2022 Robin Wheelus Sports

Robin Wheelus computer algorithm rankings/ratings of teams across various sports.

2021/2022 NCAA Division I-A Football

Sports Vaporia com; NCAA Division I-A Football Wobus MOV Ratings & Rankings Based upon 887 games.
Rated & Ranked by John Wobus,The KRACH system assigns a rating to each team such that the ratio of two teams' ratings is the odds on a game between them. The set of ratings is calculated so that each team's expected number of wins in the games it has already played, based on the odds implied by its and its opponent's ratings, equals the team's actual number of wins in those games. The calculation utilizes only teams' game results in terms of wins, losses, and ties: not game scores, dates, or locations. My own KRACH calculation incorporates a fictitious tie between each team and a team of rating 100

2022 College Football Power Index | ESPN

The Football Power Index (FPI) is a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team's performance going forward for the rest of the season. FPI represents how many points above or below average a team is. Projected results are based on 20,000 simulations of the rest of the season using FPI, results to date, and the remaining schedule. Ratings and projections update daily. FPI data from seasons prior to 2019 may not be complete.

AndersonSports: College Football Computer Rankings

The Jeff Anderson & Chris Hester College Football Computer Rankings

Atomic Football - Ratings and Archives

James R. Ashburn and Paul M. Colvert A Bayesian Mean-Value Approach with a Self-Consistently Determined
Prior Distribution for the Ranking of College Football Teams

Badger Bracketology

Sports analytics from Laura Albert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering

Bassett Football Model

The Bassett football model is a system for ranking the relative strengths of football teams.

BCF Toys - FEI NCAA Football Ratings

FEI ratings (FEI) are opponent-adjusted possession efficiency data representing the per-possession scoring advantage a team would be expected to have on a neutral field against an average opponent.

B C Moore

Power rankings of 767 college football teams. Score is based on 4103 games played 08/26/2021 - 11/27/2021

Begley Sports Rankings

Begley is a"Blog Spot page with NCAA Football Ranking produced by Matt Begly

Bowl Subdivision Rankings

These college football computer rankings take margin of victory in games and adjust for strength of schedule.  The rating gives an expected margin of victory against an average FBS team.

Bradley-Terry Rankings for College Football and Basketball

These ratings are based on the Bradley-Terry method. Ratings are compiled for NCAA FBS (Division 1-A) football and Division 1 basketball. The basic method considers only win/loss results and home field advantage; the margin-aware method is modified to use margin of victory as well with diminishing returns for blowouts.


College Footbal Research Center: Rankings, Projections and All-time time scores, schedules and rankings

Coffey Ratings

John Coffey's Football Ratings. A combined effort with Kenneth Massey with in his college football rankings comparison and Todd Beck for including my NFL ratings and predictions in his NFL prediction tracker:

NCAA Game Simulator

Provided predictions, rankings and tournament winning predictions. In 2017, Game Sim correctly picked UNC as the National Champion when the brackets were announced and finished in the 87th percentile on ESPN's bracket game. In 2015, NBA Game Sim predicted the Warriors winning the NBA Finals. We also have NCAA Football, NFL and MLB

The Power Rank

Ed Feng, founder of The Power Rank. I use data and my personal algorithms to make accurate football and March Madness predictions. From 2015 to 2017, the college football predictions posted on "The Power Rank" predicted the winner in 73.7% of games (1679-598, doesn’t include cupcake FBS vs FCS games). From 2002 through 2018, my pre-tournament numbers predicted the winner of 71.2% of March Madness games (792-320).

College Football Computer Rankings

Scott Maurer NCAA Footbal Computer Rankings

College Football Performance Ratings

David Wilson's NCAA Footbal Computer Ratings: Retired Professor Applied Mathematics and Engineering Physics UW-Milwaukee

College Football Prediction Tracker

 The prediction average is the average prediction of a set of computer ratings. All lines are in reference to the home team. +3 means the home team is favored  to win by 3 points and -3 means the visitor is favored by 3 points.  I am using predictions that are posted on the various web pages or the ratings that are sent to me. These predictions are being used for research and informational purposes only

Calculate point spreads. Database for NCAA Football, Basketbal, NFL, MLB and NBA

Dunkel Index

The Dunkel Index is a family-owned enterprise started by Dick Dunkel, Sr., in 1929. It was designed to settle a dispute over which college football team was the best at the time. Because teams back then rarely traveled across the country to play each other, there was a constant debate between the East and West coasts over who was Number 1. Dick came up with an ingenious solution: take what data is available, create some formulas and calculate mathematically the best teams in the land. It was an idea that soon took off.

Dick took some scratche

Pat Laffaye  Predictions: FBS NFL NCAAB

Pat Laffaye ranks and s scores teams for Predictions: FBS NFL NCAAB

Kind-Of Lost . com

NCAA Football, Basketball and  Pro Soccer Ratings and Rankings

College Football Ranking Composite

College Football Ranking Composite of 84 different raters and companies with ratings. The MOTHER LOAD!

Whitlock  Football Rankings

The Whitlock College Football Rankings

The Whitlock College Football Rankings for games through January 10. The columns are team name, ranking value, won-lost record, rank, December 5 rank, schedule value and schedule rank. The bottom portion of the file contains the rankings by conference. The conference rankings contain the team's conference record in ( ). Each team has a link to its results. Also, each conference name in the conference ranking links to the individual team rankings for that conference. See how the Whitlock Rankings compare to other rankings in this comparison by Kenneth Massey

Loudsound College Football Rankings College Football Rankings is a new way of ranking Division 1A football teams, not only for the current year, but every year in the history of college football! Who was really the best team in 2000? 1991? 1913? Or all time, for that matter? Now you can find out.

Congrove Computer Rankings

Congrove Computer Rankings created by Dave Congrove
Dave Congrove is a voting member for the FWAA-NFF Super 16 Football Poll, as well as the College Football Hall Of Fame, Fred Biletnikoff Award, Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award, the Ray Guy Award, the Bednarik Award, the Maxwell Award, the Lou Groza Award and George Munger Award. He is a nominating member for the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Outland Trophy, and the FWAA All-America Team. Congrove is also a voter of the Greasy Neale NFL Coach Of the Year Award, and the Bert Bell NFL Player of the Year Award. Additionally, Congrove is a member of the Football Writers Association of America, the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame, the Maxwell Football Club, and the International Football Researchers Association. is a proud partner of USATODAY Sports Digital Properties.

College Football Ratings & More


Jeff Sagarin Ratings

Welcome to the home of Jeff Sagarin’s computer ratings for professional and college sports. Published dailiy in USA Today

College Quality Index

Fully implemented for the first time during the 2019 college football season, the CQI is a new college football and basketball computer ratings system with simple data inputs. A simple, yet powerful approach to college football and basketball rankings

Colley's Bias Free Matrix Rankings

Wesley N. Colley NCAA Football Matrix of measures. The method is based on very simple statistical principles, and uses only wins and losses as input—margin of victory does not matter.

DCI College Football

The Daniel Curry Index has ranking by point values for teams in NCAA Basketball & Football

Dolphin Ratings NCAA Football

Each team is listed with its record, overall score differential, and its ratings.

Donchess Sports

Specfic Computer Ratings, Overall Sports Ratings, Prediction, & Analysis

Entropy Sports

The Entropy System College Football Ratings and Predictions

Offical NCAA FBS Football Rankings

Official website of the NCAAA all sports

College Football Outcomes

There are many reasons why data scientists and fans of college football would want to forecast the outcome of games – gambling, game preparation and academic research, for example. As advanced statistical methods become more readily accessible, so do the opportunities to develop robust forecasting models Paper by Charles South and Edward Egros Southern Methodist University.

Historical Sports Odds & DFS Databases

Purchase Historical Sports data and databases

Eye Test Analytics

Eye Test Analytics is a premier collegiate and professional sports rating system

How to Guide: How to Predict College Football Games

How To Predict College Football Games By Dan Gillick December 30, 2011

GitHub NCAA Football Rankings

Where the world builds software. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub the largest and most advanced development platform in the world

2022 NCAA Basketball Rankings and Ratings

Paul Kislanko NCAA Division 1A Football Ratings and Rankings

J-Train College Football Computer Rankings

College Football Computer Rankings

Jeff's College Football Ratings

Jeff Bihl's College Football, College Basketball, and NFL Football score predictions.


JellyJuke was started in 2015 as a way to rate teams’ performances using the Bayesian Resume Rating algorithm (BRR). It is meant to objectively measure accomplishments, not necessarily make predictions like most rating systems. And unlike RPI, the BRR is based on mathematical principles rather than arbitrary rating factors.

Kelley Ford Ratings

NCAA Football and Basketball rankings and ratings

Florida High School and College Football Rankings

All Florida Schools and NCAA Data

Logan's Sports Ratings

Ratings on Every Sport

Massey Ratings

Ratings and Rankings on EVERY SPORT including High Schools!

M Cubed

Ratings and Rankings on EVERY SPORT, PRO, NCAA and including High Schools!

Mike DeSimone's College Football & Basketball Ratings

Mike Desimone is the President of Wolverine Blue Consulting, LLC. He Graduated from the  University of Michigan with a BS in Mathematics and  Drexel University with a MS in Applied Mathematics


MJS College Football Standings

The MJS College Football Standings are generated by computer analysis of the records of FBS college football teams.  The computer considers each game, taking into account the teams involved and the win/loss result. In keeping with the "win is a win" philosophy, the score is not considered.  The computer ranks each team in a manner consistent with its own record and that of all other teams.

USA Today NCAA College Football Coaches Poll 

NCAA College Football Predictive Rankings & Ratings

Presented by Team Rankings Predictions & Data

All My Sports Teams Suck Rankings

The MJS College Football Standings are generated by computer analysis of the records of FBS college football teams.  The computer considers each game, taking into account the teams involved and the win/loss result. In keeping with the "win is a win" philosophy, the score is not considered.  The computer ranks each team in a manner consistent with its own record and that of all other teams

NCAA Division IA Football Power Ratings

D Ratings is Sports Ratings, Prediction, & Analysis

NCAA Football Superlist

The Superlist systems are selected by Ray Waits. James Howell, Kenneth Massey, David Rothman, David Wilson and Peter Wolfe have contributed considerably to the world of sports ratings. Their systems are reliable and well-established. Unfortunately, David Rothman is no longer with us but his ratings will continue through Dr. Peter Wolfe's thoughtful maintenance. I have faithfully followed David Wilson's ratings over the years. They have always been among the handful I check every week. 

Game Simulator

Ability to run multiple simulations at once.Play Fantasy Baseball, Football, or Basketball?  Use GameSim+ to view projected player stats for MLB, NFL, NBA, College Basketball, and College Football games.

OSCAR College Football Rankings

Payne College Football Power Ratings

Brian Simmons NCAA (BB. FB)  & NFL Ratings

Phelan Power Principle

The Phelan Power Principle (PPP) is a computer algorithm used to determine the ranking of each team in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA's) Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS, formerly Division I-A).  The formula uses a series of components to calculate each FBS team's relative strength (Team Score).  Teams are ranked based on their Team Score in a lowest-first ascending model

PressBox Search

SELF-SERVICE ACCESS TO THE LARGEST AND DEEPEST SPORTS DATABASE. Access statistics and advanced metrics as far back at 1876 to drive meaningful observations and keep fans engaged. 

Real time sports team ranking. All Sports Pro and NCAA


College Football

Quantitative Analysis in Sports, An Effective Nonlinear Rewards-Based Ranking System. Saint Michaels Computer Science Department


Sonny Moore's Computer Power Ratings

Sports Betting Databases | Odds Shark

Sports Data - Sports AI, Technology

Square Gear - Football Ratings

The Power Rank

The Best Sports Betting Odds & Lines DonBest

The Born Power Index

The Dr. Edward Kambour NCAA Football Ratings

The essential guide to predictive college football rankings

The Fleming System


The official ARGH website!

The Pi-Rate Ratings | Unique Sports Ratings That Combine Computer and Human Factors

Vern's Ranking

NCAA Football Bowl Ratings

James R. England  NCAA Football Ratings

Weighted Win Paths

Paul Kislanko Breaks down the computer ranknigs listed on Kenneth Massey's College Football Ratings Comparison page

Wilson Rankings - Football

Bryan Wilson's Sports Rankings

Wobus Sports

John Wobus, I am not a coach or a statistician, though I had a probability and statistics course in college and had the opportunity to root for some very fine college teams. Since those days I have worked in the computing field, for years at Syracuse University, then at AppliedTheory, and now at Cornell University

Time Travel Sports

The Entropy System Sports Ratings