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Game Time 7:00 pm (est)

76 Miami (OH) at 103 Cincinnati

FG% 3PT% FT%

Cinci 46.4 35.2 66.3

Miami 42.8 35.1 82.7

There’s about a 30-mile difference between Miami (OH) and Cincinnati. Last year Miami (OH) at home took Cincinnati to the wire and just lost 58-59. Miami against D1 competition scores on average 72, allowing 81 with totals of 153. Miami ranks 2nd in the nation in Free Throw percentage making 82.7% of the attempts. Miami has a weak defense and has played no top 60 teams.

Cincinnati has played some great TOP 60 competition but has come up short each time losing to Xavier 77-80, Ohio State 53-81 and Arizona 93-101 and winning vs (ranked 61) St Louis 81-62 But Cincy played another nearby team (just across the river) Northern Kentucky (ranked 229) and lost 51-64. They lost to inner city rival Xavier and now Miami (OH) comes into town for what is a home game for both teams. Against D1 schools Cincinnati averages 77, allowing 72 for totals of 149.

TAKE: Miami (OH) +16 L


Game Time 7:00 pm (est)

60 Stetson at 65 Charleston

FG% 3PT% FT%

Char 45.1 32.5 74.0

Stet 48.0 38.6 71.4

What a story, Charleston is 10-1 for the season, they have won 8 in-a-row, and 4-0 and undefeated at home against D1 teams. Charleston’s adjusted averages are, score 79, allowing 69, for totals of 148. Statistically both teams are almost equal. Offensively, Charleston ranks 34th and Stetson 57th in points scored. Defensively, Charleston ranks 257th and Stetson 223rd in points allowed. Charleston is ranked 97th nationally.

Stetson is 3-4 vs D1 schools and has been in EVERY game except against Florida on the road they lost 51-89. Stetson has played seven D1 games and in their other three losses they lost the games by 4 points or less. Stetson is currently ranked 255th. In those seven games the adjust averages are, score 75, allow 72.5 with totals of 147.5

Stetson +14 W

OVER 136 L

Game Time 7:00 pm (est)

70 South Carolina at 84 UAB

FG% 3PT% FT%

UAB 49.1 34.1 75.9

SC 40.6 32.7 62.5

UAB is 18-2 in their last 20 games with losses coming from West Virginia 59-65 and North Texas 57-58. (ranked 4th in team defense) UAB is ranked 6th in points scored. UAB in the last D1 games has scored on average 85, allowed 72 with totals of 157.

South Carolina is no North Texas or West Virginia. SC is ranked 329th out of 364 teams in scoring points and 210th in points allowed. South Carolina is 7-13 in the last 20 road games.. South Carolina has played two road games this season. They beat Georgetown in OT getting blown-out in the first half 26-37, then battling back in the 2nd 39-28. Their other loss was to George Washington, again getting blown-out in the first half 40-20 then battling back in the 2nd 35-39 losing 55-79. This has been a pattern ALL SEASON losing the first half then having to overcome that lead. When SC loses games the averages are 57 points scored, 78 allowed for totals of 135.



TAKE: Halftime (-) points UAB W

Game Time 7:30 pm (est)

59 Jackson State at 69 Mississippi State

FG% 3PT% FT%

Jackson 42.0 33.3 64.7

Miss State 43.0 31.0 63.9

Jackson State is 1-8 on the road this season with an upset over SMU (who’s not that good) AND they have not yet played a home game. How bad is Jackson State they allow on average 82 points per game and are ranked 357th out of 364 teams in points allowed. Offense isn’t much better ranked 271st, It’s UGLY. In the eight games they lost, they scored on average 66, allowed 81 with totals of 130.

Mississippi State is UNDEFEATED, 9-0 and their defense is ranked 2nd in the nation in points allowed (only 49 per game) Miss State has not played any team at home ranked below 250th.

On average they score at home 76, allowing 48 with totals of 123. The downside is Mississippi State is ranked 233rd in points scored, but that could be due to not allowing other teams to score.


TAKE: UNDER 130 (130) P


82 Florida -13 vs 48 Ohio W

72 Auburn -20 vs 64 Georgia State L

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