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I will post two NCAAF wagers, one early game at Noon and one after 5:00PM

Buffalo 10 @ Maryland 31

Maryland -24 / -3330 / OU 65 LOSS

I think you're gonna need a bigger boat. - '” Roy Scheider”, Sheriff Brody in Jaws. Maryland has not been kind to FCS schools on the home turf. Poor Howard opened up with Maryland in 2019 and 2021 and NEVER scored any point and were crushed 0-79 and 0-62. Kent followed Howard in 2021 and did better because they are a decent FCS school, but they lost 16-37. Maryland at home against FBS schools from 2018 to 2021 scores on average 32 points and allows 36 and has combined totals of 67.

Buffalo has played two FBS schools on the road Nebraska (lost 3-28) in 2021 and Penn State (13-45) in 2019. Buffalo lost three of their last four road games, their win came against Akron (in the top 10 of bottom ranked teams). The combined totals for both games were 31 and 45

Overall against FCS schools on the road Buffalo scores an average of 31 points and allows 27 and has combined totals of 58 points. I would just take the point spread.

They will cover -24


Illinois State 0 @ Wisconsin 38

Wisconsin -36.5 Only wager WIN

No. 18 Wisconsin is seeking to start the season with a win after losing three of its first four games last season. The Badgers ended the season with a 9-4 record and a win at the Las Vegas Bowl last year. Wisconsin beat Arizona State 20-13. Illinois State is coming off a 4-7 season. Wisconsin is 8-0 since 2017 playing FCS teams at home and on the road.It’s not a question if Wisconsin can lose, it’s how many rushing touchdowns will they score?

Date TEAM Score TEAM Score Result Total LOCATION

Sep 11, 2021 EA MICH 7 WISCONSIN 34 W 41 home

Oct 5, 2019 KENT ST 0 WISCONSIN 48 W 48 home

Sep 7, 2019 C MICH 0 WISCONSIN 61 W 61 home

Aug 30, 2019 USF 0 WISCONSIN 49 W 49 ROAD

Sep 8, 2018 NEW MEX 14 WISCONSIN 45 W 59 home

Aug 31, 2018 WKU 3 WISCONSIN 34 W 37 home

Sep 9, 2017 FLA ATL 14 WISCONSIN 31 W 45 home

Sep 1, 2017 UTAH ST 10 WISCONSIN 59 W 69 home


Illinois State last year (2021) opened by beating Butler University which is a D2 school 49-7 then went on the road and lost to Western Michigan 0-28 in all, ISU lost 7-games in 2021 with another loss 0-20 from North Dakota State. Considering how NDST played Iowa today, I think you can double that score today. Look, ISU played one FCS school in 2021 and lost 28-0, No FCS or FBS schools in 2020, In 2019 they played Northern Illinois and lost 24-10. Their best year was 2018 when they beat Colorado State on their home turf 35-19.

TAKE -34.5

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