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March Madness is one of the biggest, most exciting and fun events in all of sports.

The longest (verifiable) streak of correct picks for a NCAA tournament bracket - From start, till the first pick loses is 49. That streak was established in 2019. Now, Sports Wagering Ohio (SWO), since 2017 has consistently achieved 41 - 44 correct selections before the Final 8-teams are left. You should know, every year somewhere between 60 million to 100 million brackets are filled out and SWO is ALWAYS in the TOP 5%. This year will be no different, why not let the experts at SWO help.


- A complete filled out bracket for you to submit to all your bracket pool parties.

- Are you ready to futures bet? You get our top 4 picks and Winner of March Madness.

- Updated brackets should teams lose.

The SWO Bracket selections will be emailed in advance after selection Sunday (March 12) - You will get bracket picks emailed to you daily and all the way to the Championship Game!

Order Today!

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