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Jayson Love's Monday MLB play of the day

By Jayson Love for Sports Wagering Ohio

2023 Baseball season has begun and I’m here to help you craft a betting game plan for the entire MLB season.

First off, you should be on a blank slate to start the year. On no planet should you have placed any bets on preseason baseball nor was betting on the World Baseball Classic a great idea either. If you did, just start over when the games really count and are most predictable.

“Anything can happen in baseball”. That’s a cliche you’ll hear all the time. You may even hear people say “Oh, I never bet on baseball, it's just too crazy!” But over the long haul, baseball is one of your best bets as the stats guide you to long term success.

Baseball is blackjack played on grass. Although occasionally the dealer will flip a 5 under her 6 and crush your double down on your hit to 20, the right move is to double down every time. As for baseball, the right move is to read the stats, read the lines, look for value and make your one unit plays and watch your bankroll grow over time.

Baseball offers great odds, action every night, and opportunities to make solid long term growth. Keep your eyes open for my daily play of the day starting with opening night!

Get my April 3, 2023 MLB play here: Jayson Love

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