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Is 65% - 70% a good win rate in sports betting? You decide

SWO is consistantaly winning our selections between 65-70% each week. Transparency and intgrety are the hallmarks we are proudly displaying in our business. We have only 195 subscribers, yet you can shout out on twitter and ask if what we say and do are valid - the resounding replies will be YES!

We normally don't post all our picks for free, we do post four or five selections each week on this website blog. Below is this weeks NCAAF Saturday's selectionS.

This Week we gave out 47 selections...


Point Spread 14 5 74%

Money Line 7 4 64%

Over/Under 10 7 59%

Overall 31 16 66%

please see our subscribers sheet below

Download PDF • 56KB

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