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DAY 41 NCAA Basketball Saturday (12/17)

It was a good Friday, I like those days. Overall SWO wins NCAAB way more than they lose. I'm glad to publish a few games a day for free and I hope you can cash in. However, we need to keep the lights on at SWO and we publish MORE NCAAB games and you can get them all - YES all games everyday for only $9.99 a week. Essentially you're paying for my hard work and knowledge of statistics and basketball AND it's a fair price for my work. Bring in the New Year and subscribe to our weekly or monthly plan and get our reports daily!

St. Francis (PA) at Miami

(12:00 Noon est)

FG% 3PT% FT%

Miam 48.3 34.3 76.8

St. Fr 45.7 35.8 70.5

#25 Miami is 10-1 overall, 7-0 at home and winners of 6 in-a-row. In two seasons. Miami is ranked 88th in scoring and 150th in points allowed. Miami against Mid majors at home is 10-0, they score 79, allow 63 with totals of 142.

St. Francis just lost to Hawaii 90-66 and is now 0-6 on the road. St. Francis is ranked 163rd in scoring and 325th in points allowed (REAL UGLY) St. Francis is 6-24 in the last 30-road games and are 0-4 against Power Five Conference teams. Against (P5C) teams in the last two seasons St. Francis scores 57, allowing 96 with totals of 153 and a margin of defeat of 39-points.

TAKE: Miami -25

Central Arkansas at Oklahoma

(1:00 PM est)

FG% 3PT% FT%

CArk 42.9 34.4 74.7

OK 50.2 38.9 71.2

Oklahoma is 7-3 overall and recently lost to 9th-ranked Arkansas 78-88. Oklahoma is ranked 282nd in scoring (Not Good) and 31st in points allowed (Dam Good). In two seasons, Oklahoma is 9-1 against mid-majors losing to Sam Houston State by 1-point this year on opening day! On average against mid-majors, Oklahoma scores 68, allowing 52 with totals of 120.

Central Arkansas is ranked 90th in scoring (Good) and 282nd in points allowed (Not Good). Central Arkansas is 4-26 on the road in their last 30-games. In that time they are 0-7 vs P5C Teams and scoring on average 57, allowing 90, with totals of 147


Alabama State at Georgia Tech

(2:00 PM est)

FG% 3PT% FT%

Bama 34.5 34.8 66.7

G-Tec 42.4 30.3 71.1

Georgia Tech is 6-4. Last Saturday G-Tech lost 75-59 to the North Carolina Tar Heels. In two seasons, Georgia Tech against Mid majors at home is 8-2, they score 73, allowing 63 with totals of 136 and winning by a margin of 10-points. Georgia Tech is ranked 212th in scoring and 156th in points allowed.

Bamma State is 1-8 and the Lions lost Wednesday 71-63 to North Alabama .Is there a worse team in the NCAAB than Alabama State? Yes, but only 10 other teams. Bama State is ranked 354th in scoring and 351st in points allowed. Alabama State is 3-27 on the road in their last 30-games. Alabama State is 0-8 in the last two seasons against P5C teams. Against P5C teams, Alabama State scored on average 61, allowing 90, with totals of 151

TAKE: -17 Georgia Tech


Jackson State at Texas Tech

(3:30 PM est)

FG% 3PT% FT%

JS 42.0 33.3 64.7

TT 48.1 35.5 71.6

Texas Tech is 7-2 this season.Texas Tech picked up a 77-70 win over the Eastern Washington Eagles on Tuesday. TT is ranked 181st in scoring (Average) and 33rd in points allowed (Dam Good). In two seasons, Texas Tech is

10-0 against mid-majors at home. On average against mid-majors, Texas Tech scores 75, allowing 61 with totals of 136 and winning by a margin of 14-points.

Jackson State is ranked 271st in scoring (BAD) and 357th out of 364 teams in points allowed. Jackson State is 1-9 overall. Jackson State came up short against the Mississippi State Bulldogs on Wednesday, falling 69-59 (10-points). BTW Miss State had the #2 defense in the nation. Overall, J-State is 7-23 in the last 30 road games. J-State is 0-6 in the last two seasons against P5C teams. Against P5C teams, Jackson State scored on average 51, allowing 78, with totals of 129 with the average margin of defeat by 27 points.


Alabama A&M at Illinois

(4:00 PM est)

FG% 3PT% FT%

A&M 44.1 38.0 67.3

Illi 47.3 35.3 65.4

The #18 Illinois Fighting Illini are 7-3. They lost last Saturday at home to a good Penn State team 74-59. Illinois is ranked 63rd in scoring and 74th in points allowed. In two seasons, Illinois against Mid majors at home is 7-0, they score 91, allowing 54, with totals of 145. The scoring margin is 37.

The 3-6 Alabama A&M Bulldogs lost Monday to the South Alabama Jaguars, 78-71. Alabama A&M is ranked 141st in scoring and 337 in points allowed (UGLY). They are 5-25 on the road. They have NEVER played a Power Five Conference (P5C) school in the last 30-games on the road, the closest they have come is WKU, UAB and Cincinnati. All three teams posted 86 - 89 points with a scoring margin of 23, 26 and 45 points. Illinois easily clears the spread.

TAKE: Illinois -30

Grambling at Virginia Tech

(4:00 PM est)

FG% 3PT% FT%

Gram 42.7 34.1 63.3

V-Tec 48.6 35.3 75.7

The #24 Virginia Tech Hokies are 7-0 at home and 10-1 overall winners of 6 in-a-row. Last Sunday, Virginia Tech won on the road 70-65 over the Oklahoma State Cowboys. V-Tech is ranked 108th in scoring and 75th in points allowed. In two seasons,Virginia Tech against Mid majors at home is 9-1, they score 78, allowing 54 with totals of 132 and winning by a margin of 24-points.

Grambling is 6-3, ranked 292nd in scoring and 42nd in points allowed and it showed against Vanderbuilt. This week Grambling had an upset win over P5C Vanderbilt Commodores 64-62. But Vandy was ranked 283rd in scoring and 132nd in points allowed, they are a struggling team and V-Tech is nothing like Vanderbuit! Grambling is 10-20 on the road in their last 30-games. Grambling is 1-7 in the last two seasons against P5C teams. Against P5C teams, Grambling scored on average 57, allowing 82, with totals of 139

TAKE: -17 V-Tech

Southeast Missouri State at Iowa

(8:30 PM est)

FG% 3PT% FT%

Iowa 46.1 34.1 73.9

SMST 42.2 33.2 71.8

Iowa is 7-3. and recently lost at home 78-75 to #23 Wisconsin. In two seasons, Iowa at home is 11-0 against Mid majors scoring 97, allowing 65 with totals of 162 and winning by a margin of 32-points Iowa is ranked 29th in scoring (GREAT) and 165th in points allowed

Southeast Missouri State is 5-6 and since opening the season 5-1, Southeast Missouri State has lost its last five games, including allowing a big double-digit lead to get away in a 68-61 loss at Arkansas State on Wednesday. Southeast Missouri State is 10-20 on the road in their last 30 games AND has played ONE P5C team on the road in which they lost to in-state rival Missouri 89-96, (BTW Missouri is ranked #2 in the nation in scoring they are also ranked 329th in points allowed GOD AWFUL) SEMST is 2-4 on the road this season against NON power 5 teams. WELCOME TO THE BIG TEN!

TAKE -23 Iowa

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