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DAY 40 NCAA Basketball Friday (12/16)

Wow can you belive it's 40-days into the season of NCAAB? We are 1/3 of the way until completing the season and off to the NCAAB Tournament! Had two GREAT WINS on Thursday, let's keep it going!

Game Time 8:00 PM (est)

Green Bay at Stanford

FG% 3PT% FT%

GB 40.1 25.4 70.4

Stan 41.8 28.2 69.9

Green Bay is ranked 356th in scoring and 304th in points allowed, NOT GOOD. They have lost five in-a-row on the road and are 2-9 overall this season. In the last 30-road games they are 3-27 with wins over IUPUI, UIC and Youngstown State. In the last 20-road games they have scored over 70-points twice. Green Bay’s adjusted scoring points are; 58, allowing 76, with totals of 134.

Stanford is 3-6 overall and rarely plays any mid majors, in fact in the last 30-games they have played three mid-majors (Cal-Poly, Liberty and Pacific) all wins. In the two mid-major games this season, Stanford put up 80 and 88 points. Stanford has played UCLA, Arizona State, Wisconsin, Memphis, Mississippi and San Diego State ALL TOP 25 TEAMS (and lost). The only Major Five conference team they beat was FSU 70-60 (and who hasn’t beat FSU) Stanford is ranked 310th in scoring and is 106th in points allowed. It’s tough to score against TOP 25 teams. Expect a blow-out tonight. Prediction 80-45 Win!

TAKE: -24 Stanford

UNDER: 130

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