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DAY 32 NCAA Basketball Thursday (12/8)

We have another streak going, I like cashing tickets! Not many games tonight. Here's the best two bet game or in-game parlay!

UMass vs UMass-Lowell 7:00 PM


FG% 43.1 50.5 (49)

3PT % 39.3 37.6 (36.2)

FT % 64.9 70.1 (69)

UMass has played Lowell at home once per year since 2016 (no game in 2020 due to Covid) UMass has won all five. The average scores: UMass 84, Lowell 73, with totals of 157 and the margin of victory of 10-points. Last year it was UMass 92, Lowell 81, totals 173 and 11-point victory.

Both teams have won six games in-a-row! Both teams are 7-1 against D1 schools. (Lowell played two NAIA schools for wins, Fisher College, and Emerson) This is where the similarities end! The Lowell’s FG, 3PT and FT are a little lower due to the two NAIA scores (see above). The real team averages are; score 77, allow 64, with totals of 141

Lowell has played bottom of the barrel teams (Merrimack, Sacred Heart, Columbia, LIU, Brown, Stonehill) and I would expect the averages to be skewed. Furthermore, they have played one TOP 100 team RUTGERS and they lost on the road 65-73.

Conversely, UMass has played Colorado, Murry State, Charlotte, USF all TOP 150 teams and WON each game. The average scores in the four games; score 68, allow 63, with totals of 131.


TAKE: OVER 142.5

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