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DAY 30 NCAA Basketball Tuesday (12/6)

Who likes a good 4-Bet Parlay for a Tuesday Night?

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Game Time 7:00 PM

UNC Greensboro 58 at Arkansas 63

L TAKE: Arkansas -17 W TAKE: UNDER 135 (123)

Game Time 8:30 PM

Marquette 90 vs North Carolina Central 78

W TAKE: NCC +19 W TAKE: OVER 146 (168)


FG% 50.0 40.4

3PT% 32.8 30.1

FT% 71.3 72.3

NCAAB Scoring Rank

Arkansas is ranked 57th

UNCG is ranked 301 out of 358

Arkansas has won 3-in-a-row, Overall 7-1 and 29-1 at home with the only loss coming from Vanderbuit on Jan 4, 2022 74-75. This season they are 5-0 at home! Arkansas scores on average 80, allows 62 with totals of 142 and their average margin of victory is 17.5 points. However, against lower level teams at home the averages change from scoring 74, allowing 56 with totals of 130. The avg margin of victory stays the same at 17.5

UNC Greensboro is not a high scoring team, since the start of the 2021 season they have scored over 70-points only 3-times on the road (VMI 72-56, East Tenn State 80-76 and Chattanooga 73-70 all wins) If you extract those games they average 59-points per game. UNC against GOOD D1 competition on the road; Losses to Miami 65-73, Wofford 66-85, Tennessee 36-76. UNCG has rarely played any top ranked competition.

Conversely, Arkansas has played a bunch of lower level teams to start the year at home. They beat San Jose State by 41, Troy by 13, South Dakota State (NCAA Tournament Team) by 15, Fordham by 26 and North Dakota State by 18. Only Troy scored above 60 points (61)

Marquette vs North Carolina Central


FG% 48.3 49.8

3PT% 34.6 42.2

FT% 70.7 70.7

NCAAB Scoring Rank

MU is ranked 33rd

UNCG is ranked 34th out of 358

On paper this looks like a close game, almost DEAD even, both teams score on average EXACTLY 81 points, NCC allows 66, MU 68 AND Marquette is ranked 33rd in scoring and NCC 34th. North Carolina Central has lost 7-games in-a-row on the road. In the last 30 road games against TOP 100 ranked teams (since 2020) they are 0-6 with losses to (Iowa twice, Memphis, Richmond, UNC and Virginia) In those games, they have NEVER scored above 69-points. Against those teams, they averaged 62, allowed 82 with totals of 144. However, since the start of the 2021 season when NCC loses on the road they score on average 67, allow 76, with totals of 141. They are consistent and have never lost by more than 17 points. Lastly they played Virginia on the road and lost 61-73 (12-points)

On a side note, NCC has a Seven-foot-1 center, Brendan Medley-Bacon that transferred in and played at Coppin State, VCU and McNeese State.NCCU’s roster is largely intact from last season, and the team has a shot to return to the top of their conference.

Marquette is 5-1 at home with the only loss being to #4 Purdue 70-75. Overall MU is 6-3, the two losses on the road coming from #23 Mississippi State 55-58 and to #35 Wisconsin in OT 80-77. BTW they beat #12 Baylor this season 96-70! Against 4 TOP 60 teams this season MU averages 75, allowing 70 with totals of 145.

Now MU has played five teams on the level of NCC (Chicago State, Central Mich, Georgia tech, LIU and Radford) They are a combine 1-16 on the road, all ranked above 200 for scoring for the exception of Radford (#92) At home against those bottom level teams MU scored on average 87, allowed 65 with totals of 153 and won by an average of 21-points. MU gets the win, but not by 19-points

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