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DAY 23 NCAA Basketball Tuesday (11/29)

It all looked good early then it just got away. Quality teams, with 0-zero losses or just one loss and ALL playing good basketball. Thats the way the ball bounces. We have a GREAT game tonight...early $$$

If you subscribe, you get daily picks with a write up, we never let you go BLIND into a game with just a pick and a prayer. Here is our subscriber pick for the night. If you order our monthly picks $39.99 for 30-days (just over $1.10 per day) you get five to six write ups daily. You need this!


Game Time 6:30 pm (est)

Last year, on Dec 10, 2021 Furman beat App State 73-65 (totals 138) AT App State’s home court. Ironically the point spread was Furman -8 the same as it is today. The Over/ Under was set at 138.5 and today it’s 140.5.

The stat books show Appalachian State is averaging 80.6 PPG. We took the liberty of removing the App State home game vs Warren Wilson School for blind girls win 142-74, it just skewed App State's true average at home. The true stats are App State averages 72 at home and allows 70 for a scoring (total 146.5). Additionally, App State is 44.6% in shooting from the field, 35.3% from three point range and 73.4% from the foul line this season.

What’s misleading is Furman as a team, is averaging 84.3 PPG - note they played some cream puffs to pad that average. They scored 102 points vs Tucson (NAIA) and 91 vs North Greenville (NAIA) BUT put up solid numbers on the road. Furman hit 79 against South Carolina in a win and 89 for a win vs a poor Belmont team. They also put up 77 against Old Dominion and 68 vs Penn State in a losses. So if you take out the two NAIA schools the average does drop. Furman averages 74.5 points on the road and allows 71.5. The thing that won’t change much for Furman is the 51.9% shooting from the field, 37.6% from behind the arc and 72.6% from the foul line this season.

Furman ranks 45th in the nation in scoring and App State is 167. The averages say they score a total 146 points. In a close game like this, taking the home team with points is always best. Just a little on the ML for luck!




Last year Boise State at home beat Cal State Northridge 74-48 and the point spread was -13.5 with a win by 26 points, and the Over / Under was set at 125 (totals 122). Then in 2019 Boise went to Cal State Northridge and beat them on their home court 103-72 and again a low point spread set at -9.5 with a win by 31 points but with a higher Over / Under set at 149.5 (totals 175).

Boise State opened the year playing NCAA Tournament caliber teams Colorado, Washington State and South Dakota State and all those teams NEVER scored above 68 points. Against South Dakota ST they lost 68-66. Boise has a defense! Against Utah Valley they scored 87, so consider CSUN a lesser Utah Valley.

CSUN's only win was against NAIA School Sierra College 90-55 at home the other four games were losses on the road to Cal Baptist by 7, Tennessee State by 1 and Central Michigan by 16 points.


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