DAY 2 FRIDAY  APRIL 29, 2022

Race 7  $48K Claiming  6F Dirt  #3 Quality Stones (30-1)

Looking at Quality Stones last race on 4/7/2022, coming in 3rd on a sloppy and muddy track. Actually, I should say a tie for first, there was but a thin inch separating first from third.  Stones came out the gate pretty quick (considering the horses name) and led the pace up front for the majority of the race. The trend is to come out of the gate fast and stay up in front for the entire race. Seems to tire and/or just get caught close to the wire going longer than 6F. The solid play is a large SHOW bet. If it stays above 30-1, might as well go across the board with a little to win a lot.  This is the day for Luis Cardenas and he has quite a few runs at 6F Dirt today on good horses that will finish ITM.

HAD THE LEAD UP UNTIL THE TURN. Horse faded out of the money. FYI, He was bet down to 7-1 UGH!

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