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DAY 12 NCAA Basketball Friday (11/18/22)

Our win streak came to an end yesterday, time to run it back and do it again

North Alabama at Mississippi Valley State

The last time these two teams met was December 1, 2021, 72-58 (130) in favor of North Alabama. Life’s been tough for Mississippi Valley State (MSVU). This season losing 60-52 to Eastern. Washington, 80-51 to Yale, 72-51 to Hawaii and 117 to 53 to Baylor. MSVU has NEVER scored above 54 points in four games this season. North Alabama played 2-games but only one division 1 team “Alabama A&M” which they won 84-76. Should North Alabama score 82 points and MSVU score 54 points, they would easily cover the spread and the totals would be 136. Will MSVU allow North Alabama to score 82 points or will MSVU break 54 points?

I think the game will end 80 - 52

Since January 2021, MVSU is 1-16 at home against teams ranked 100 – 358. On average MVSU scores 63, allows 74.5 with totals of 137.

Since January 2021, North Alabama is 5-14 on the road against teams ranked 100 – 358. On average North Alabama scores 68, allows 74 with totals of 142.

Against same competition (Alabama A&M and Alabama State)

Score Allow Totals

North Alabama 83 72 155

MVSU 71 78 149

TAKE: North Alabama -9 TAKE: UNDER 135

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