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SW&G LLC is not a sports book, we do not take wagers or set odds. We are not a handicapping service, we do not find sports point spreads for you to bet. We are not a tout service, we don’t sell other people's sports betting advice.



SW&G is an “Alternative investment Fund” that capitalizes on legal sports money lines. 


Our Process?

Think of it as a sports sector based Mutual Fund that invests in low-risk money line odds. We are an alternative investment fund using sports wagering money lines grouped by sport and season. Our sports wagering mutual fund accrues at the end of 160 days. Last year (2021) was our first year of implementation. Our NCAA Basketball fund went from a one-time investment of $500 that accrued at the end of 160 days at over $4,200. Where can you get an ROI like that in the Stock Market?

You can be the first to join the next wave of alternative investing. Investing in sporting and entertainment event outcomes is fun and very rewarding. The GOOD NEWS SW&G is immune to both recessions & market crashes.

You came to the right place

Data is now considered the world’s most valuable resource in sports betting. Having access to vast amounts of information increases anyones odds of winning.


Companies (Sports Books) are using data to make money. Now that the US Supreme Court legalized sports betting in the 2018 decision Murphy v NCAA, data is playing a bigger role in leveling the playing field. Now everyone from fans, players, leagues and third-party sports betting companies profit off of game data.

Data science can provide the average or professional bettor with better chances at winning and put the the odds to their advantage. Sports Betting is mainly based on "numbers" and calculations. Bottom line:  bettors with the most information will have the best chances to make money from the sports book. 


Sports Wagering Ohio sells MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA Football and Basketball data sets. If you are in the News Media or a Tout Service or just sell your picks online to others, you need data. We have it!

Now that there are options available AS TO WHERE to place a bet, you need advice on


Let Sports Wagering Ohio help!

We have a database on every

sport and horse racing.

Sports Wagering Ohio

We have a seat for you! Come join us. I have been preparing for legal sports betting in Ohio for some time and NOW it's here. Thank you for visiting our website. I recently purchased this great URL from Jimmy's Race Report.

Hi, I'm Beth, the owner of Sports Wagering Ohio. There are two business' on this site. First Sports Wagering Ohio which has a majority of the content FREE. Second, there is Sports Wagering and Gaming LLC, an alternative investment fund using sports wagering money lines for investment.


Sports Wagering Ohio

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