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We are the first Sports Wagering Investment service in the United States.


SW&G Inc. uses statistical analysis to capture low-risk money line odds in sporting events. Consumers can invest daily with SW&G Inc.

using a sector investment incorporating

low-risk money line odds.


Wager Odds

We will explain how to calculate the correct odds that go in your favor

The Parlay System

It's not which team you wager on, it's how you use them in parlays that win 

Money Line Advantages

Learning who wins can make you money, using point spread might lose you money

Customer Experience 

Bottom line,  information alone can't help you win consistently, It is the analytics and methodology that produces winners.

Unprecedented Predictability. Impeccable Reliability.

Fantasy sports wagering, gaming industries, and media companies are in constant need of data analysts. The need for sports analysts is exploding. Analytics is a lucrative field with unlimited opportunities.” While the movie Moneyball helped make sports analytics mainstream, the reason this evaluation tool isn’t a passing fad is because the results do match the hype. Careers in research and analytics are in their boom cycle, primarily because there is the perfect mix of high demand and low supply. The same is true in the sports wagering community. For the longest time, sports wagering was only legal and available in Las Vegas. Now, the industry will be legal in about 40-states by 2025. Anyone can wager but not everyone understands the analytics. So it makes sense that people would want to make money daily and legally wagering on sports. There are people that want to take advantage of 25% to 500% return on an investment, but know nothing about the analytics of legal wagering.


This is where SW&G comes in

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